A/C Repair & Heater Repair

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is quite complex and requires a precision execution in order to cool your cabin down just right to beat this Arizona heat. Most modern systems include basic parts like a compressor, expansion valve, condenser, and drier. There are also a number of sensors that monitor pressures in different parts of your system. These sensors tell the car’s computer if the pressure is too high or too low and shuts off the compressor to protect from bigger catastrophic failures. Pressures can vary depending on if the system is low in refrigerant (meaning you have a leak in the system), your cooling fans aren’t working or are obstructed, or one of the valves isn’t working correctly. 

My air conditioner isn't cold any more...

If any part of the A/C system isn’t working as designed, then you will not get cold air out of it. Most people think that since their A/C isn’t blowing cold, they must need refrigerant. Though this is the most common issue, there could be any number of things causing your vehicle’s problem. Buck’s Automotive offers an A/C service by one of our ASE Certified Master technicians to check your system and find the fault. We will get you back on the road quickly and comfortably!

A/C Service includes:

Is your heater not hot enough?

Even though you likely only use your vehicle’s heater 3-4 months out of the year here in Tucson, you still want it working right. Your heater actually uses your engine’s cooling system to heat up the air that is blown in the cabin. A lot of the time, if your heater isn’t getting hot, you have an issue with your cooling system. Check your temperature gauge and then your belts and hoses. In any case, you can bring your car into Buck’s Automotive for an inspection of your heater and we can help you get comfortable in your car again. 

Don't forget your cabin air filter!

This simple maintenance item can help prolong the life of your A/C system and components. The cabin filter filters out the air that you breathe inside of your cabin. When these get clogged, airflow is obstructed causing the blower motor to overwork and overheat causing premature failure. Impeded airflow usually leads to passengers needing to run the system at high more often leading to an overworked system and poor fuel economy. Most manufacturers recommend changing your cabin filter every 15k miles.

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