Brake Repair

Don’t leave one of the most important safety mechanisms on your car to chance. At Buck’s Automotive, we offer a free visual inspection of your braking system. Whether you have a squeaking noise, a soft or hard feeling brake pedal, or a pulsation when braking, we can diagnose your problem. 

Our brake inspections include checking:

ABS light diagnosis

The NHTSA has mandated ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in passenger vehicles since 2013, but ABS has been a standard offering since the late 80’s for many car manufacturers. The system(s) work together to keep your brakes from locking up in the event of a sudden application, helping you stop quicker. They use a number of electrical sensors, pumps, and computer modules needing specialized diagnostic equipment and knowhow to pinpoint failures. If you see a red BRAKE light, an amber ABS light, or an amber traction light, you have an issue with your Anti-lock braking system and should get your vehicle inspected right away. Rest assured, Buck’s Automotive has technicians trained specifically for these systems and can find and fix your problem, getting you back on the road quickly. 

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