Belts & Hoses

The serpentine belt(s) and radiator hoses in your vehicle are made of rubber and susceptible to drying out and cracking/bursting due to the Arizona heat. If any of these pieces should break, it would leave your vehicle stranded. The best course of action is to stay ahead of sudden failures and have your belts & hoses checked at every oil change for signs of wear or damage. 

Serpentine Belt & V-Belt

Your belts drive all of your accessories in your vehicle like your air conditioner compressor, alternator (power for your vehicle), and your power steering pump to name a few. Most vehicles today are run with only one serpentine belt, but there are quite a few 2 and 3 belt systems as well. Regardless, should your belt or belts break when you are operating your vehicle, you will lose power to these critical functions. You can suddenly feel your vehicle hard to steer or you may see a few lights on your dash light up as you will have reduced power and the temperature will start to rise. If this happens to you, pull over and shut off your vehicle. Call Buck’s Automotive and let us help you get a tow to have your car repaired. 

Cooling & Radiator Hoses

Your car has at least 4 hoses that help with the circulation of the engine coolant through your motor: 2 radiator hoses and 2 heater hoses. When you have a leak in your cooling system, you aren’t only losing coolant, but you are also losing pressure, reducing the boiling point of the system. This is what causes your vehicle to overheat. At Buck’s Automotive, we can repair any aspect of your cooling system and keep your vehicle on the road and running at the right temperature. 

Timing Belt

Your car is either equipped with a timing belt or a timing chain. If your car has a chain, no need to worry, there is no need to change these as a maintenance item. Timing belts on the other hand are made of rubber and are vulnerable to heat & age. Every manufacturer has a recommended interval to change the timing belt and to avoid catastrophic engine failure, you should follow their recommendation. We can help you plan a timing belt replacement for your vehicle and help you go over your options to do so. 

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