Hybrid Auto Repair

Hybrid vehicles require an extra set of skills and precautions when it comes to repair and maintenance. Though many components are the same on a hybrid vehicle as a gas engine, there are quite a few differences. The main one is having the added high-voltage system. This high-voltage system requires specialized knowledge and tools that you can find at Buck’s Automotive to repair safely and correctly.

Hybrid Warning Light On?

Much like a check engine light, your hybrid system warning light is telling you something when it illuminates. The hybrid system consists of a high-voltage battery, an inverter/converter, an electric motor, and a number of sensors to operate the electric side of the hybrid vehicle. If any part of this system isn’t working correctly, you will get the hybrid warning triangle or message on your dash. In a lot of cases, you will still be able to drive your vehicle into the shop. In some more extreme cases, however, like when the light is RED or FLASHING, you should have the vehicle towed in. Let Buck’s Automotive help you get your hybrid vehicle back on the road

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