Steering & Suspension

There is a lot going on underneath your vehicle to keep you comfortable and safe on the road. All of these linkages are connected to your wheels and/or the frame of your vehicle with rubber bushings and ball-and-socket type joints. With our rough Tucson roads, these pieces really take a beating with your everyday driving. If any part is worn out or failing, it will cause the other pieces to work harder causing further damage to other components. Let Buck’s Automotive take a look at your suspension and steering to help you plan ahead for any foreseeable maintenance or repair. 

Your Suspension

Most vehicles today are constructed with the MacPherson strut assembly where there is a strut acting as the damper and the top suspension point of your wheel and a control arm assembly holding the bottom in place. Many newer vehicles are engineered with multiple control arms to help stabilize your vehicle. Where these arms themselves won’t wear, the rubber bushings that connect everything will dry out from the desert air. When these bushings get worn or torn, you might start to feel jerking or clunking during acceleration/deceleration. This is caused by the big metal arms hitting against the metal of your vehicle. If you are experiencing these issues, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately. 

Your Steering

Though most steering systems are mostly run by hydraulic components, there are some manual pieces to the puzzle. In rack and pinion style setups, there are fewer pieces than in the gearbox type setups found in trucks and older cars. in either case, these manual pieces use ball-and-joint linkages that wear over time. When they are worn out, you end up with irregular tire wear and more stress on other components and hydraulic seals. We can do a physical inspection to let you know if your vehicle has any parts that are worn out and even check your alignment to help protect the life in your tires. Schedule an appointment today.

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