Battery, Starter, & Charging system

We have all been there, you get in your car, turn it over to only hear “click click click”. Coming out to a dead car battery is never a treat. The average life of a battery in the Arizona climate is 26 months. Don’t strand yourself with a dead battery and have its life checked beforehand at Buck’s Automotive. 

My battery light is on...

The battery light comes on when your vehicle is under the desired voltage required to run your vehicle’s systems. Most vehicles usually require around 13-14 volts while running to properly operate computers and sensors that control your vehicle’s everyday functions. It is the alternator’s job to regulate the vehicle’s running voltage and is usually the culprit when you see this light on your dashboard. If you see this light on, don’t hesitate to get your vehicle to Buck’s and get it checked out. 

My car doesn't start after a jump start.

There are a number of reasons that your vehicle might not start when you turn the key. Next to a dead car battery, the starter is a pretty common failure across all car manufacturers. Regardless of the reason your car doesn’t start, Buck’s Automotive will be able to diagnose and repair your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly.

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