Engine Repair & Diagnostics

At Buck’s Automotive, we have technicians that are skilled at all levels of automotive repair. From fixing a flat tire to engine repair & replacement, we can help you. If you have any kind of drivability issue that has you a little worried when out on the road, bring your car into Buck’s Automotive for a check-up.  Small issues can lead to bigger problems and even breakdowns really quickly. 

Check Engine Light On?

The dreaded check engine light pops up on the dash, what do you do? If it is on solid and you aren’t experiencing any issues running the vehicle, you should schedule an appointment to bring your car in for check engine light diagnostics. If the check engine light is flashing or you suddenly are having any issues with the vehicle running, you should stop the vehicle and have it towed in. Our ASE certified technicians are skilled in all makes and models and can get to the bottom of your vehicle issues and get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Electrical Issues

All modern cars have a number of computers, sensors, switches, etc. that run all of your accessories and other functions that help your vehicle run as best as it can. There are hundreds of feet of wiring connecting all these things throughout your vehicle as well. There are usually multiple possible points of failure for any system that stops working. Sometimes your vehicle will require a trained automotive electrician to trace down faults and repair them. Well, we have that guy here at Buck’s Automotive too. Whatever your car’s issue, we can find it and fix it. 

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