Fluid Exchange Maintenance

Just like your engine oil, the rest of the lubricants that keep your vehicle running need to be changed from time to time to keep it maintained. Over the years, a number of new viscosities and levels of synthetic oils have been introduced for every system in each make & model of vehicle. The oils in your vehicle are designed to reduce friction and wear-and-tear in each system. They are also designed to find and hold dirt & debris that build up. There is a point, usually defined by time or mileage, where the oils in your vehicle just can’t perform as well as they need to anymore. At this point, it is time to exchange or flush them out with new fluid.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Every make and model has a different recommended interval for exchange ranging from 30k miles to 50k miles. There are dozens of transmission fluids alone, each with its own formula. Dexron, Mercon, Diamond, World Standard, ATF+4, etc., whatever your vehicle requires, Buck’s Automotive has the proper fluid and experience to service your vehicle’s transmission. We perform the proper service to meet your vehicle’s recommended maintenance requirements. Filter change and more extensive transmission diagnostics & repair are also available. 

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Your power steering system is under hundreds to over a thousand pounds of hydraulic pressure when you turn the wheel. This is what makes it so effortless for you while you operate your vehicle. Your car’s power steering fluid is typically recommended to be changed around every 50k miles to ensure that the pump can stay properly lubricated and the seals that keep the fluid in stay sealed.

Coolant Flush

Your vehicle’s engine cooling system is what keeps your engine running at the proper temperature while you are driving. This is the last system you want to have issues with during the hot Tucson summers. To keep your car’s cooling system running properly, it is often recommended to exchange the coolant every couple of years or 50k miles of operation (check your owner’s manual for your specific vehicle maintenance interval). Buck’s Automotive can help keep you from an unexpected breakdown this summer starting with a thorough inspection.  

Brake Fluid Flush

The brake fluid in your vehicle is recommended to be changed out every 2 years whether it looks dirty or not. Brake fluid is hygroscopic as its job is to collect moisture from your braking system. Even as little as a 3% moisture content (which is likely after the 2-year mark) will lower the boiling point of the fluid by 100 degrees leading to that spongy pedal feeling and premature deterioration of the other vital components of your braking system. If your pedal feels a little softer than usual or if you are having any other kind of braking issue, schedule an appointment today to get them inspected.

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